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Icons of England [8]
The British government launched the project “Icons of England” at the beginning of 2006. For two years thousands of people in England and abroad named the most important symbols of Great Britain. You’ll find the descriptions of the most popular symbols in this section. We are going to organize a poll asking the guests to answer the question: “What do you think are the most important symbols of Great Britain?”
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Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall is an ancient wall across England from Carlisle in the east to Newcastle in the west. The Roman Emperor Hadrian wanted to protect Roman Britain from attacks by Scottish tribes. So he told his soldiers to build a wall. It took them nearly six years to complete it.
The Roman soldiers guarded the wall, which was 117 kilometres long and 4 metres high. Now there are only ruins left of Hadrian's Wall. But still, Hadrian's Wall is the most popular tourist attraction in northern England and a World Heritage Site.

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