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About a trip to Thailand
My family and I were on holiday in Thailand in the city of Pattaya from January 9 to January 20 in 2008. The flight was long - the whole 9 hours, but we were happy with the thought that we would meet the sea soon.

This country appeared to be not alike any place that we had visited before.
We got plenty of exotic impressions there.

First of all we liked the magnificent nature: the sea, palms, lianas, orchids, mountains and a very beautiful river Kwai.

We tasted delicious fruit the names of which we had not even heard before, for example: mankut, sala, chom-phu, rambutan, lam-ya. And the Thai pineapple is by right known to be the tastiest in the world. It is worth  trying some peculiar food with various spices just to get how tasty our food is.
And what wonderful paintings and figures Thai masters cut  of wood.

As for the animals - I can talk about them for hours. There was a great
number of monkeys on the island. We fed them with nuts and bananas from hands. We rode elephants and fed them with bananas as well.

There was a terrific number of crocodiles on the crocodile farm.

You won't have a chance to see a bright tiger show, a funny elephant show and a thrilling crocodile show anywhere else.

And what a great number of interesting things we didn't manage to see! But it's an excellent cause to come back to this wonderful exotic country.

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