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A trip to Great Britain

I'm writing to tell you about my summer in the United Kingdom . It was one of my best holidays, because I had a brilliant time.
It was my first time in England and I was very afraid because in my opinion my English was really bad.
I lived and had English lessons at the Wycliffe College. It is a large college with an enormous territory. We had different activities and a lot of fun there.
Twice a week we had a really interesting excursion to some of the most famous places.
To visit the British capital and to see Big Ben - it was my dream and it came true.
I visited another wonderful town - Oxford and I really liked it. In Oxford I could see famous Harry Potter's castle. It was really great.
A few words about the college. I met the guys from different countries (Italy, Spain, France, Georgia etc.) there. And now I have a lot of pen friends from all over Europe - it's really cool. My friends and I communicated with the British people. We often went to the cafes and restaurants and I can say that the British cuisine is amazing.
My English lessons were very useful and my English teachers were really interesting people.
When I came back home I felt upset because I enjoyed that trip and missed a lot.
I hope I'll visit Great Britain again some time.

My dream to see Big Ben has come true

London eye - the world's largest observation wheel

I'm near Buckingham Palace

The Palace's guard

Our dear tutors

We're having classes on the lane

My new friends from different countries

We're acting out in class

One of the most interesting events - the excursion to the castle where "Harry Potter"
was filmed

A English policeman

A red phone box

A famous double-decker

Creative activity in class

My girl- friends from Ukraine
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