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A trip to Switzerland
This summer was so cool…
In July I travelled to Switzerland. I got a lot of unforgettable impressions. It was really wonderful.
Switzerland is a beautiful country with fine cities and incredibly splendid countryside. I lived in a lovely town called Montreux. There are a lot of shops, cafes, parks, swimming pools and sports grounds there. There is Lake of Geneva in Switzerland. It's really remarkable.
We stayed in the Hotel Institute of Montreux. I shared my room with my friend Julia. She is a member of our group from Moscow. You know it was a group tour. There were 14 members in our group (twelve from Moscow and two from Tallinn). Our group was cheerful and creative.
We had classes in the morning (from 8 am to 12 am). We liked our teacher very much. His name was Julien. I passed the level of Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. Our classes were really interesting and I think I improved my English in the Swiss Language Club a lot.
In our free time we had a lot of activities. We visited old towns, ancient castles, museums, squares with extraordinary fountains . We had such a wonderful time together.
I hope I'll go to another country with that group next summer because it was really great.

My first walk on Montreux embankment

The ship "Montreux"on Lake of Geneva

Lake of Geneva in the famous Alps

The charming view of vineyards

The picturesque vineyards

My friend Natasha and I in the centre  of Leisen

The top view of the old town of Bern

A bear in one of  Bern squares

An old building in Bern

I'm in a street cafe in Leisen

A marvellous top view

A dappled deer in the conservation zone in the mountains

In the Alps in front of the entrance to the cave

At the town castle wall

Our group
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