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A trip to Montenegro

Hello! This year my mum and I have spent 3 unforgettable weeks in Montenegro! We went  there in the autumn, and I had to miss some classes at school, but it was worth doing that!

The weather was not fine, however there were some sunny days, and we had an opportunity to swim in the sea and sunbathe … Not far from the city where we lived there was the island of Saint Stephan, the most well-known island in Montenegro. It’s  very beautiful from outside, and I think, not less beautiful from inside, but there was no excursion there, it’s being restored. The royal beach is situated nearby!  Its name is certainly due to its beauty! In the early times a notable woman loved this beach very much, she spent all days long there. In her will she asked to disperse her ashes on this beach after her death, and it was done ! The towns are also very beautiful in Montenegro! One of them is Kotor! It is a very old town, it was constructed long ago, during the war. Its small streets and high walls surrounding the town testify it!

All these beautiful places, towns, shops, restaurants, local people, stars, the fantastic  sky –  impress deeply! I hope to visit this wonderful country again some time, but there are so many amazing places in the world that it won’t be reasonable to go to the same place for the second time!!!
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