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A trip to the USA

Hi everyone! I'd like to say a few words about my trip to the United States. I went there under student exchange program "Work and Travel". It's a school web site so you are likely not to be suitable to take part in such a program right now. But most of you will become students after finishing school and it will be useful to learn about this great opportunity in advance.

 It's extremely difficult to get a tourist visa to the USA. It happens because the officials are afraid of emigrants. Being a student you've got an anchor to your home country - you are likely to come back to finish your higher education. The rejection percentage for J1 student visas is very low - less than 1%. It is issued for 4 summer months and allows you to work legally in the United States. In such a way the Government covers the lack of work force during busy summer season. And it gives you a chance to get terrific impressions in one of the most interesting countries in the world.

 I spent most of the summer in Gloucester, Massachusets. It is located on the Atlantic ocean not far from Boston. This town is known to be America's oldest seaport. You could see it in the movie "Perfect storm". It's main industry is fishing and we could fully enjoy it. I went fishing right from the porch of the small house, I lived in.

 During the summer I worked as a mover in a company that helps people load their furniture and households when moving from one house to another. There are tons of benefits in such kind of a job.

Being at work I travelled a lot and have seen a lot of interesting beautiful places. We have visited all the states that are not too far from Massachusets - New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine. By the way, this region of the United States is called New England. This is because the first european pilgrims sailed to this area and founded the first colonies here. Most of people we met know a lot about their ancestors and are always glad to tell their stories. 

And I had a chance to meet and talk to a lot of people who were the customers of the company I worked for. People is what I liked most of all in this country. I think they have nothing in common with what is shown to us in movies and TV programs. They are very kind and always ready to help. I've found a lot of good friends there.

 And at the end of this short story I want to tell about the New York City. I know a lot of people who think it is the best place in the world. I spent 2 days there and can't say much about it. But I did feel the atmoshere. You feel that you are alive there.

Sea-front in Gloucester

Fancy yachts in Rockport

Boston in the sunset


A lobster caught by our housing manager, Peter

The memorial "To those who go to sea in ships"

At the warehouse 

My co-workers

Reconstruction of "Mayflower" in Plymouth

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