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A trip to Veliky Novgorod

We, the tenth-formers of our school, made an exciting trip to Veliky Novgorod from May 28 to June 1, 2009. Veliky Novgorod is the foremost historic city of North-Western Russia. The Novgorodian First Chronicle mentions it first under the year 862. The city lies along the Volkhov River just below its outflow from Lake Ilmen.
Of all their princes, Novgorodians cherished most the memory of Yaroslav the Wise. His father, Vladimir the Great, was prince in Kiev. His son, Vladimir, sponsored construction of the great St. Sophia Cathedral, which stands to this day.
Throughout the Middle Ages, the city thrived culturally. A large number of birch bark letters, the oldest Slavic book have been unearthed in excavations. The Novgorod merchant Sadko became a popular hero of Russian folklore.
During World War II in 1941 the city was occupied by the German Army. When the Red Army liberated the city in 1944 out of 2,546 stone buildings, fewer than forty were still standing. After the war, the downtown was gradually restored according to a plan worked out by Alexey Shchusev. Its chief monuments have been declared the World heritage Site. In 1998, the city was officially renamed Veliky Novgorod, thus partly reverting to its medieval title "lord Novgorod the Great”.
Veliky Novgorod is today the city-museum keeping up the ancient Russian culture monuments – churches, frescos, icons. Its architecture sounds like the echo of ancient times. No other Russian city can compete with Novgorod in the variety and age of its medieval monuments.
We had a wonderful time together: enjoyed travelling by fast train, staying in a comfortable hotel, seeing the historic sights, sailing along the Volkhov River.

 We took lots of pictures on our tour, here’re some of them.

At the wonderful lilac bush in the Yuriev Monastery 

In the museum of folk wooden architecture"Vitoslavlitsy"

At the Church of St. Paraskeva-Friday in Yaroslav's Court


In the Central city park

In the Museum of Fine Arts

At the monument "The Millennium of Russia"

At St. Sophia Cathedral

In the Desyatinny Monastery

Sailing on the Volkhov River and Lake Ilmen

The Novgorodskaya Hotel we stayed in

Dear friends, you are welcome to see the complete file of photos - here.

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