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A trip to France

In July 2014 my family and I travelled  to France, to its most unique region Provence. So in historical terms, Provence is older than France itself, and it was a centre of culture learning before Paris. When visiting Provence you should allow yourself plenty of time.

I was surprised by the lavender fields or the Mont Saint Vincent so often painted by Cézanne – they are or seem specifically attached to this region, others including the olive trees, pine trees. The evenings air filled with the chi-chi-chi of a thousand crickets, and even the villages and vineyards. These are actually features that characterise the Mediterranean coast. Awesome!

We rose up to the mountains’  range. I saw the magical landscape. We discovered a charming view on villages of Provence. I had a lot of emotions and took a great photo.

One day we managed to visit Avignon, This town is famous for its bridge, festival and the Gothic-style Palais des Papes. It is an impressive touristic attraction.

We were lucky to have lunch in a very cozy, Provencal–style café. It was called café Gourmand. I tried variety of desserts, typical french like crème brule, chocolate fondant, kompot, macaroni. It was crazily tasty. I would like to take a cup of coffee with delicious croissant each morning.

What was really unforgettable - the crocodile farm. We were takens on veritable journey to a tropical jungle. You can see crocodiles right from the bridges and you can also read a description and play quizzes. Scary and funny at the same time!

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