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A trip to the Dominican Republic, America

My parents and I travelled to Dominican Republic  in February 2011. It is situated on the island  Gaiti. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.
Our plane landed in the airport in the town of Punta-Kana. "Kana” means   " palm” so the roof of the airport is made of palm leaves.
The town is very beautiful! There are tall palms with coconuts in the streets. Near every hotel we can see huge fountains.  And there is no litter anywhere.
In our hotel there was a wonderful swimming-pool and a small area where flamingos and tortoises lived. Flamingos had pink feathers, long legs and large beaks. Every morning we fed them with bread.
We also swam with scates, sharks and seastars.
The sea and the ocean are blue-blue, the beaches are clean with white sand in Dominicana.We enjoyed swimming and sunbathing.

In the evening we went to the restaurants. It was fun.
We had a great time in Dominican Republic !

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