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A trip to France

This winter, during our forced vacation, all my family and I visited France. We were skiing in the Three Valleys. Three Valleys is the largest skiing area in Europe.
We flew to Geneva (Switzerland) and then went to the place of our staying – Meribel.
Our Chalet Hotel was situated near the ski slopes, it is called Grand Chalet des Pistes. Here is the view from our window.

During the first few days of our vacation the weather was excellent! We enjoyed skiing all day long. We visited a few other villages in Courchavel  Valley, there was a very funny monument to the horse.

We saw a small mountain airport on our way. Only very small planes can land there.

In our Meribel Valley there were a lot of very interesting ski slopes. We are all advanced skiers, so we usually  ski along red slopes. (It is my mother, my  brother&me).

In the evening  we went to the Meribel center. There was a very interesting wooden monument to the man and his dog.

One day we went  to Val Thorens . This town is situated on 2400 m above the sea.
We climbed to the very high point – more than 3000 m! It was horrible to ski down from there! These are my father, grandfather, brother and me.

One more photo from the top.

We had lunch in a small mountain restaurant, it seems to me that French pancakes are very tasty! It was very warm in the mountains, so we took our jackets off.

It was great  to ski, but everything is finished, it was the time for us to leave. Here are all of us in front of our Chalet.

We spent one day in Geneva before our flight  back to Moscow. Geneva is a very beautiful city. It was warm there, + 10C! We walked and made some photos.
We found the beautiful mausoleum of Karl II Brunswick, the duke, who left a lot of his money to Geneva.

My mom and I near the monument.
Geneva hosts the largest freshwater lake in Europe, they call it Geneva lake.
In the middle of the lake there is a highest fountain in the world (140 m).

Geneva Lake is very large and beautiful. I saw ducks and swans on the shore.
I had a very nice journey!

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