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Here're the instructions and rules for you to register and take active part in the work of our site. If you have a question ask it in the comment window, I'll try to answer as soon as possible.
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You can ask any questions in this unit. I'll try to answer online. You're welcome to share your ideas with the friends on the site. We'll discuss your ideas.
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Grammar is awful but we can't do without it! Let's make friends with it.
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Главная » 2011 » February » 23 » How to register oneself
How to register oneself
Dear friends,
First of all you should register yourself on the site. It's necessary to become the user of our site and take part in its work.
You can see the panel "Register" on the left on the Home page. Open the form and fill in the fields. You need to have an email to register.
If it's quite difficult for you to understand this instruction read it in Russia please.
Дорогие друзья!
Приглашаем вас посетить и стать друзьями сайта по английскому языку МОУ Софьинской сош. Адрес нашего сайта: .
Чтобы не только смотреть материалы сайта, но и участвовать в его работе, вам нужно пройти регистрацию. Для регистрации понадобится электронная почта. Форма регистрации находится слева на главной странице.Пожалуйста, пишите имя, фамилию, никнейм по-английски.

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