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If you want to be on top, don't let your education stop


Let us introduce ourselves
I'm Elena Vasilyevna Gracheva, the English teacher. I'm the site administrator.

This is our school. It's in the village of Sofyino in Naro-Fominsk district  Moscow region, Russia. Our school is 27 years old. You can learn much more about it from the Birthday presentation on Portfolio Page.

You’re welcome to the site
The name "EnglishRoom” means "English classroom” at school on one hand, and on the other hand it means "English space”. So the web-pages of this site involve various materials connected with the English language. Visit our site to improve your English, to broaden your mind, to take part in the interactive communication.
Let’s travel the sections of the site.

EPal Club
There are some photos of the first members of the EPal Club on the first page. Click on the "Member forms” reference and you’ll open the letters of the students who would like to find epals. You can register on the Home Page, write a personal letter to any member. You’re welcome to join our Pen Pal Club. Paste your letter and photo and you’re sure to find new friends.
We’re going to put the reports on our school events in this section. The first articles are the scripts of our school performances dedicated to the customs and traditions of English-speaking countries: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving Day illustrated with photos. Your reports might be published in this section too.
Challenge Once a Month
There is a test in this section. It will be changed every month (perhaps twice a month). The module of the test is a multiple choice. There can be more than one right option. The computer program will show your score immediately and it will be sent to your e-mail. The names of the winners will be announced every month. You’re welcome to do the test (once or twice) a month and improve your English!
Travel Agency
There are our students’ stories about their exciting trips illustrated with their pictures. You’re welcome to share your impressions and send your stories to us to be published in this section.
In the second category in this section you’ll find the description of the "Google Earth” computer program which can help you have a fascinating virtual travelling.

Icons of Britain
The British government launched the project "Icons of England” at the beginning of 2006. For two years thousands of people in England and abroad named the most important symbols of Great Britain. You’ll find the descriptions of the most popular symbols in this section. We are going to organize a poll asking the guests to answer the question: "What do you think are the most important symbols of Great Britain?”
Curiosity Page
There is reading for pleasure in this section. Short interesting stories, bright pictures make it very attractive for English learners. You’re welcome to send your own curious stories, pictures, videos to be published in this section.
Your creative works of different kind will be kept in this "Portfolio”. They can involve the history, culture, customs and traditions of English-speaking countries.
We hope our Portfolio will be plump.

Speaker’s Corner



Our forum has the same name as the Speaker’s corner in the famous Hyde Park in London. You’re welcome to register and take part in the real communication.



There're useful links: enciclopedias, sites on the State English Exam, lots of interesting information to enjoy learning English with Internet.

Register on-line

You can use your own login and password and enter the site and find your mark book with your marks , homework in English, the teacher's notes.


Our site is an equal member of the world-wide web. So we expect a lot of guests both from the schools of our district and other places of our planet.Good luck, our site!



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